4 great films i saw in november

December 2, 2009 at 4:13 am | Posted in Film, First-Viewings | 1 Comment

Again, first-viewings…

1. Made For Each Other (1939)

This was another typical sentimental drama, but I really enjoyed it. As usual, Jimmy Stewart + plight of the common man = Winner. Lombard also gave a great performance. The only problem I had when watching this film was the poor sound/picture quality. It really annoys me that there aren’t any decent transfers of this film on DVD.

2. Stage Door (1937)

A pleasant film to watch with a very memorable cast. For me, the film was at its strongest in the scenes with Andrea Leeds and Lucille Ball. Oh, and I love you Kate, but what was going on with your hair in this film? In any case, I come to realize that the more I watch classic films, the more I find that I am such a classic film newbie. I’ve got so many more to watch on that growing list of mine!

3. Hair (1979)

I love musicals – definitely, my favorite genre of film. That being said, I found it odd that I didn’t watch this sooner. This film is sort of odd and chaotic (and definitely bold), but there are very strong performances from the cast with great memorable songs such as “Aquarius,” “Easy To Be Hard,” “I Got Life,” and so many more. There is so much to say about this film that I certainly will expand on it later. Oh, and for those who have watched the very similar film, Across the Universe, this is so much better. And that’s saying something, because I honestly enjoyed Across the Universe, despite its many flaws.

4. A Letter to Three Wives (1949)

This was another entertaining film that explored the hardships of love and marriage. The film basically revolves around three married women whose marriages are tested when they receive a letter from a friend revealing that she has run off with one of their husbands. All in all, the film packs a fun mix of drama, comedy, romance, and suspense. Oh, the chemistry between Kirk Douglas and Ann Southern is definitely a highlight of the film.


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